How To Use Mr, Miss, Mrs, And Ms Correctly

Although most people use the title ‘Mr’ correctly, they often get confused with the other titles. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to use Mr, Miss, Mrs, and Ms correctly. Mr (pronounced as “mister”) is used to address a male person regardless of whether he is married or not. Miss (pronounced as “mis”)…

How To Pronounce Words Containing "PH"

How To Pronounce Words Containing “PH”

“Can you please answer the phone?” “We are taking the kids to the dolphin show.” “She’s a wild photographer.” “Phil is working at the local saloon.”     As you got it right, the “ph” in all these sentences is pronounced with a “f” sound like fone, dolfin, fotographer, fil. The real reason for pronouncing…

Difference Between Lose and Loose

Difference Between ‘Lose’ and ‘Loose’

Let’s get the pronunciation part right. ‘Lose’ is pronounced as ‘looz’ and ‘loose’ is prnounced as ‘loos’. As you can see, there is only a minor difference in pronouncing these words. In the first word, the “s” sound is prolonged whereas in the second word, the “s” sound is shortened.       The word…

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Difference Between Flammable And Inflammable

So what’s the difference between flammable and inflammable?   Short answer: Absolutely nothing. Both the words mean exactly the same: that the object can catch fire easily. Both the words are used interchangeably because they have the same meaning. The “in-” in inflammable is derived from the Latin preposition “en” meaning to cause something to…


How To Pronounce ‘The’ Correctly

There’s so much confusion surrounding how to pronounce the word ‘the’ correctly. Some of you pronounce it as ‘thuh’ every time. And some of you pronounce it as ‘thee’ every time. This might shock you but they’re both wrong. In the previous post How To Use ‘A’ and ‘An’ Correctly, I explained that we use…

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How To Use ‘A’ and ‘An’ Correctly

Before we learn how to use ‘a’ and ‘an’ correctly, here’s a quick definition for vowels and consonants: In the English alphabet, vowels are A, E, I, O, U. All the other letters are consonants. Cool? So you’ve been told to use ‘a’ before words starting with a consonant, and ‘an’ before words starting with…

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10 Most Misunderstood Words

Have you ever been so sure about the meaning of a particular word only to have someone tell you otherwise? Well, here is a compilation of 10 most misunderstood words written just for you.   Once you learn and understand the actual meaning of those words, you can use them in your speech, and also…