UncategorizedDifference Between Lose and Loose

Let’s get the pronunciation part right. ‘Lose’ is pronounced as ‘looz’ and ‘loose’ is prnounced as ‘loos’. As you can see, there is only a minor difference in pronouncing these words. In the first word, the “s” sound is prolonged whereas in the second word, the “s” sound is shortened.




The word “lose” has two common meanings: to no longer have something, or to fail to obtain something. This word has 3 other forms: lost, loses, losing.

Jena is trying to lose weight.
We lost the game to the Yorkers.
He didn’t want to lose his car keys so he left it at his desk.

The word “loose” means not tight or firm, or not fixed or rigid.

These pants are too loose for me to wear.
Be careful! The table’s legs are a little loose.

A good way to remember “lose” and “loose”: The word ‘loose’ has two O’s which is why it is ‘not very tight’. The word ‘lose’ has only one O, that’s because it ‘lost’ the other one.


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